Too busy to shave my legs – what?


I realized this week when I [almost] showed up to work with furry gams that I couldn’t remember the last time I had taken a shower that wasn’t rushed. One where I felt like I had time to shave all the things. It’s kind of sad for me to realize that life has allowed me to gloss over the basic things I normally do to take care of myself.

I think that it’s understandable, given the health concerns/scares my parents have been facing lately, coupled with projects that Theresa and I have planned, kid things, and work picking up. I don’t want to feel so busy – too busy to shave my damned legs.

Yet, in this whole “I don’t want to be so busy!” mindset, I solidified plans to hit up cycling classes with Theresa and a hot yoga class on my own. Exercise is crucial for me to manage my stress levels and while it makes my weeknights shorter, I know I needed it. Life is not going to carry me away from being healthy and giving myself the self-care I need, if I can help it.

Saying “no” to things can be an act of self-care. I have been saying no to some activities/plans and will likely continue to do so until I feel differently. I don’t need a crowded social schedule. I can be a hermit or be more go-with-the-flow on the weekends. I don’t have to respond to every message from people I haven’t spoken with in years. I don’t owe anyone a smile, a hello, a conversation or an explanation.

I am also not as on fire about my personal goals as I have been in the prior months. I didn’t really set much in the way of goals for April anyway. I just want to chill and do what I feel like doing – whatever that is! I don’t want to focus on BUILDING, achieving, succeeding…I want to take care of what’s going on right in front of me. I want to dig deeper, not wider and I want to find and realize the pleasure in the smaller things in life. A raked up yard. A sunny, warm spring day. A morning where I can sleep in and not have to rush anywhere. A nap with my dog. A funny joke. A loving look in the eyes of a family member.

Happy Friday, everyone!






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