April, I’m not ready for you.

I woke up this morning and realized that I was not prepared for April. Goals? What goals? My GOAL is to, over the next couple of days as I get more rest and try to rejuvenate myself, to actually come up with goals for April.

Last month’s mantra was BALANCE ~ and while I didn’t take the 2 hot yoga classes per week I said I wanted to do, I did get into cycling classes with Theresa and enjoy the hours of riding in the dark with music pumping. If you get the right instructor, you get the right music and it’s easy to just time your rpms with the tunes and zone right out.

I also think I did very well with my food waste – at least, being more conscious of it. Was I able to stop it completely? No. But I was more apt to pack the random tidbits of food into my lunch for work so they wouldn’t sit lonely in the fridge. Being mindful of something can be the beginning of actually taking the steps to handle it.

Sales? I have to laugh. March was so dismal (and, to be fair, it seemed that way for a lot of independent online sellers) that I made it to $36.55 out of my $100.00 goal. I am proud though to have a budding relationship with another online seller where we may collaborate long-term, if we can make it work. That actually will be my goal this month – to foster and develop that relationship. That can lead for more sales for the both of us.

This is what she purchased from me as a sort of tester ~


See what else I have in my shop HERE.

In my calendar book, April’s quote is “A positive attitude leads to positive outcomes.” Maybe this month’s mantra is meant to be “STAY POSITIVE” because there is a lot of shittiness in my life at the moment. March ended with a BANG ~ my dad was admitted to Albany med for blood clots in his legs and lungs. He’s lucky to be alive. Today will determine when he can go home, as in, can he get up and walk on his own? The pain in his legs have been unbearable, he says, and with my mom also not well, he needs to be able to be mobile on his own with assistance of a walker or a cane until he is stronger again. I’m entering April feeling like 2019 is trying to take away the people I love.

So, I need to work on my positive thinking and continue to do the things I need to do to maintain a balance in my life because, if I don’t, I can’t be of help to my family during these troubled times.

You know what? Maybe I’m ready to set my goals now.

  • Keeping my sales goal the same at $100;
  • Staying positive;
  • Working on building a relationship with the succulent Etsy seller;
  • I made business postcards – now I just have to print them (I’m ahead of the game on that one, having designed them last week! That was actually an idea of a goal for April); and
  • Focusing on my greenhouse garden. I had to transplant a few things this weekend and I need to continue to plant and fostering their growth for a kick-ass outdoor garden this year.



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