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Is that what you think I do?

When I found out about my mom’s diagnosis, I came back to work the next day a little upset. When co-workers asked me how my mom’s surgery went, I broke down and told them they found cancer. One cried with me and asked me if there’s anything they could do to help me, even glue twine on bottles and sell them…

It has me thinking: Is that all it appears I do?

I don’t think her comment was belittling; she just knows I enjoy crafting and that I’m trying to run a fledgling Etsy shop. It was just one of the ideas tossed out there as a way to help. But it just has me wondering if that’s what’s perceived of me – simply wrapping some rope around things and then trying to sell it. I mean, I suppose so, if you want to look at in a very simple way.

What is the purpose of my crafting and having an Etsy shop?

I am a chronic recycler ~ it is what it is. I feel good about filling up my recycle bin at home, knowing (hoping?) that those items aren’t going to be in a landfill somewhere polluting the earth. With items that I feel I can re-use myself, I love taking an empty jar and turning it into something that can be used again in a different way. Take these small jars for example – they used to be clear bouillon jars.



If you love these, you can find them in my Etsy shop here:

Sure, I could have put these in the recycle bin along with other items, but why not paint them up and make them more decorative? It gives me something to do, it brings me joy, and it allows me to express myself creatively. Hopefully it will resonate with someone and they’ll be like YES, I NEED TO HAVE THESE! I mean, instead of re-using these somewhere in the kitchen, they can go in your bathroom, office, bedroom…wherever. They be what you want them to be instead of what they were originally intended. That makes me happy ~ the ability to do that. To turn something plain into something pretty and functional. See beyond what it was and give a glimpse as to what it could be with just some attention and work; inspire others to do the same with the objects they’d normally just toss.

Sales have been very slow, admittedly. I am still unsure if Etsy is the right demographic for me because it seems so very hard to be SEEN there. But I’m continuing to work, learn, and create at the same time. Where do I ultimately want to be? I would love for this to take off, become a hit, and have it be a sustainable part-time gig. YES, I do want to make money. Right now I’d be happy for it to simply cover the costs of me continuing to fiddle fart around with painting and decoupaging glassware. Everyone has to start somewhere though.

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I’ve learned.


You’d be proud.

I’ve learned that sacrificing your life and family for a career isn’t right for me.

I’ve learned that a solid job is the perfect platform for my life to rest upon.

I’ve learned

That not every smiling face is an invitation for friendship

or a promise of honesty.

I’ve learned

That how I make others feel is important and reflects who I am

more than my own words could express.

I’ve learned that coldness isn’t always a result of something I’ve done.

I’ve learned

just how good and honest a small circle feels.

I’ve learned how I could have been kinder.

I’ve learned where I could have been more firm.

I’ve learned how inflated my ego was.

I’ve learned

the hard way

about how little some people valued me.

(But I know their figure isn’t the truth.)

I’ve learned that it’s okay to not know everything.

Or be everything.

Or be in the center of everything.

I’ve learned

that it’s okay to have nothing to do.

I’ve learned that not everyone sticks around when you have nothing to offer

but those that do are the ones worth keeping.

I’ve learned that

there’s so much more satisfaction in putting 100% into my family life

as opposed to wasting time

seeking love and approval from strangers.

I’ve learned to invest in myself.

I’ve come back.

I’ve learned.








Building your space ~building YOU.

Somewhere in between cluttering up my childhood bedroom’s walls with a collage of pictures from Rolling Stone magazine and gluing twine around empty disinfectant wipe containers, I learned the value of a well-decorated space. But that’s the difference between being 16 and 35.

I love creating a living space that reflects me and that is functionally beautiful. A big factor for me when it comes to picking where I’m to live is that it needs a lot of natural light. I am in LOVE with the light I get from the eastern windows of my breakfast room. It seems that it’s impossible for that room to feel bad or to feel bad in it.


Because I was home-bound this weekend getting over the flu, I figured I’d work on small, easy projects to continue to settle into our Niskayuna home. This month we celebrate a year of living here and two years of being together.


I’m in love with this framed quote Theresa bought for me for Christmas. It had been leaning up against our bedroom wall since the holiday, as we hadn’t fully committed to where we thought it should live in our house. In making room for the greenhouse shelf unit shown below, I had to move things around in our breakfast room to accommodate it. What that did was leave a big huge empty space on the wall that I wasn’t happy with. This framed quote fits in perfectly!


This is where we plan on starting the seedlings for our garden this year. To be planted very soon will be tomatoes. There is no better window in our home than this one, and it will be even better when we have the big tree in the back removed.

Little projects like this bring me such satisfaction on the weekends. The older I get, the more I like being in and creating my living spaces. When I had an apartment for a year in between houses, I went into that space thinking I would be content renting forever. I soon quickly realized that I couldn’t quite get settled into my renting situation, as much as I loved my apartment. I am much more invested, emotionally and obviously monetarily, into a home. I like having that time to slowly unfold; visualize and re-work, realizing that it will always be changing as we grow and our needs and dreams change. Investing in a house, creating a home, building – day by day – feels also like an investment in myself.

Food preservation ~ in my happy place!

I started one of March’s goals a little early – last weekend, I made it a point to figure out how to preserve some of my excess vegetables so they wouldn’t go bad in the fridge. This weekend I continued that endeavor. I’m feeling some cabin fever so these projects have helped keep me occupied.

Pinterest is such a great tool to learn how to do new things! I will provide the links to the pins I used below.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished in the past two weekends:


Here are the links:

None of this is hard and it’s a perfect weekend project for when you’re just kickin’ it around the house. In my case, recovering from the flu.

I’ve never preserved any of the above vegetables before so it was cool to take the time and learn something completely new.

Today’s project was the shredded potatoes. I chose to preserve my excess potatoes this way because I thought they’d be a fun breakfast additive and I can give some baggies to my parents for them to use when they want something quick and easy.


I also learned how to use the shredder on the food processor. Believe it or not, I’ve never done that before. I’ve always just shredded vegetables the old-fashioned way. You know – using one of these:



Without the food processor, this project would’ve taken 10x as long. For example, the above is just one of the 4 layers. I was pretty jazzed up about how easy it was and right after I was done, I took Adam for a walk to the grocery store to recycle some plastic bags. Win/win/win on this gorgeous, sunny Sunday.

Food preservation is something I started learning and working on probably back in 2014/2015 when I lived in Ballston Lake. It makes me think of those happy times in my kitchen when I had a goal of working toward living a more self-sustainable lifestyle. Because of life changes and whatnot, that goal was pushed off because I had other things to deal with. But doing these small things the past couple of weekends has rekindled that desire in me; I’m a different person now than then but there are still connections.

Anyway! Follow me on Pinterest HERE because I’m always doing something new – lol! If you want to collaborate on a Board, definitely shoot me an invite! I’d love to share ideas and inspiration back and forth.


Hi, March! How ya doin’?!

Spoiler alert: We’re due another big snowstorm Sunday night!


I honestly don’t care though. All weekend long I’ll be like:


In the ZONE in my house, working on crafts and small little projects. Why? Because I’m still down and out with what I think is the flu. I ended up canceling my plans to hike tomorrow because I just don’t have the energy.

I’m trying to psych myself up into looking forward to (yet another) weekend by myself at home. Because of my being a germ-box, I don’t want to visit friends and family and spread it around. Last weekend I lolled about, feeling extremely restless and anxious. This weekend I don’t want to feel like that. I want to use this time to rejuvenate, re-center and balance myself. I want to start next week (and March, in general) feeling healthier, happier, ready to take on the world. I’ve realized that unless I’ve made a plan for myself or someone comes and gets me and makes me do something outside the house, I tend to just stay home the entire weekend (not counting going to the gym). It’s not a bad thing it’s just how winter has shaped up for me this season. I will hibernate.

Sometimes I get lonely, sometimes I don’t. When I do get lonely, it’s even harder, believe it or not, to do something about it. I just get stuck in the rut all weekend long ~ in my own way. This is when I need someone to shake me out of it but it’s nobody’s responsibility but my own. Also, once warmer weather hits, it will be different. I’ll have more outdoor activities to keep me busy. This spring/summer/fall, I want to get out on my bicycle more. Anyway, I want to stave off the loneliness this weekend and keep myself occupied. Resting is okay, especially when I’m sick.

I may even get up, shower, get dressed like I’m going somewhere ~ even put my brown wig on – the one I’m wearing in the picture above ~ so it feels like I’m a person with a destination and purpose.

I’ll be posting a new item up in my Etsy shop and any and all views/shares help! My shop can be found at

Have a great weekend, everyone! May it be just what you need.

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