Balancing on the middle of March.


How is it that we’re in the middle of March? It’s been a super busy month and I haven’t been very good whatsoever about any goals. I’ve sold $27 of my $100 goal, my craft show in May has apparently fallen through since my check never arrived and now I can’t get ahold of the woman in charge to get a better address and to see if there’s still room for me…

But you know what? I don’t really care at this point. It feels more important for me to do what feels right, not excessively stress myself out, and to just enjoy my life as much as I can. BALANCE, you know? Life feels very crazy right now and I’m not going to try and wrestle it into some sort of submission. I’m going to ride the wave and see what happens.

I admit: I’ve taken exactly 0 hot yoga classes this month so far. However, I’ve been taking cycling classes with Theresa and it’s been really nice doing that with her. The lights are dim, the music’s pumping ~ there’s a lot of brain quiet time in that class for me. I can close my eyes and just tire my legs right out. Brain quiet time is good and it is what I was looking for this month.

As to decreasing food waste, I will say I’ve been a lot more mindful. I’ve been much better at eating everything I bring with me to work, packing bits and scraps of things that aren’t a full serving of whatever. Typically those small little things would go to waste but I’ve been trying to bring them with me to work to nibble on.

What came as a shocker to me is that I’m down 3 lbs without even trying. I’ll take it!

While it’s been a tough week, I feel good about how it’s all ending. I’m looking forward to catching up on sleep and possibly getting outside for a walk with my best friend and our dogs tomorrow. My mom heads back to NYC on Monday to meet with a thoracic surgeon at Sloan Kettering, after meeting with an oncologist there yesterday. I’m grateful for steady steps forward, friends and family to lean on when needed, and for difficult times that show me how I can be a better person.

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