Is that what you think I do?

When I found out about my mom’s diagnosis, I came back to work the next day a little upset. When co-workers asked me how my mom’s surgery went, I broke down and told them they found cancer. One cried with me and asked me if there’s anything they could do to help me, even glue twine on bottles and sell them…

It has me thinking: Is that all it appears I do?

I don’t think her comment was belittling; she just knows I enjoy crafting and that I’m trying to run a fledgling Etsy shop. It was just one of the ideas tossed out there as a way to help. But it just has me wondering if that’s what’s perceived of me – simply wrapping some rope around things and then trying to sell it. I mean, I suppose so, if you want to look at in a very simple way.

What is the purpose of my crafting and having an Etsy shop?

I am a chronic recycler ~ it is what it is. I feel good about filling up my recycle bin at home, knowing (hoping?) that those items aren’t going to be in a landfill somewhere polluting the earth. With items that I feel I can re-use myself, I love taking an empty jar and turning it into something that can be used again in a different way. Take these small jars for example – they used to be clear bouillon jars.



If you love these, you can find them in my Etsy shop here:

Sure, I could have put these in the recycle bin along with other items, but why not paint them up and make them more decorative? It gives me something to do, it brings me joy, and it allows me to express myself creatively. Hopefully it will resonate with someone and they’ll be like YES, I NEED TO HAVE THESE! I mean, instead of re-using these somewhere in the kitchen, they can go in your bathroom, office, bedroom…wherever. They be what you want them to be instead of what they were originally intended. That makes me happy ~ the ability to do that. To turn something plain into something pretty and functional. See beyond what it was and give a glimpse as to what it could be with just some attention and work; inspire others to do the same with the objects they’d normally just toss.

Sales have been very slow, admittedly. I am still unsure if Etsy is the right demographic for me because it seems so very hard to be SEEN there. But I’m continuing to work, learn, and create at the same time. Where do I ultimately want to be? I would love for this to take off, become a hit, and have it be a sustainable part-time gig. YES, I do want to make money. Right now I’d be happy for it to simply cover the costs of me continuing to fiddle fart around with painting and decoupaging glassware. Everyone has to start somewhere though.

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