I’ve learned.


You’d be proud.

I’ve learned that sacrificing your life and family for a career isn’t right for me.

I’ve learned that a solid job is the perfect platform for my life to rest upon.

I’ve learned

That not every smiling face is an invitation for friendship

or a promise of honesty.

I’ve learned

That how I make others feel is important and reflects who I am

more than my own words could express.

I’ve learned that coldness isn’t always a result of something I’ve done.

I’ve learned

just how good and honest a small circle feels.

I’ve learned how I could have been kinder.

I’ve learned where I could have been more firm.

I’ve learned how inflated my ego was.

I’ve learned

the hard way

about how little some people valued me.

(But I know their figure isn’t the truth.)

I’ve learned that it’s okay to not know everything.

Or be everything.

Or be in the center of everything.

I’ve learned

that it’s okay to have nothing to do.

I’ve learned that not everyone sticks around when you have nothing to offer

but those that do are the ones worth keeping.

I’ve learned that

there’s so much more satisfaction in putting 100% into my family life

as opposed to wasting time

seeking love and approval from strangers.

I’ve learned to invest in myself.

I’ve come back.

I’ve learned.








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