Building your space ~building YOU.

Somewhere in between cluttering up my childhood bedroom’s walls with a collage of pictures from Rolling Stone magazine and gluing twine around empty disinfectant wipe containers, I learned the value of a well-decorated space. But that’s the difference between being 16 and 35.

I love creating a living space that reflects me and that is functionally beautiful. A big factor for me when it comes to picking where I’m to live is that it needs a lot of natural light. I am in LOVE with the light I get from the eastern windows of my breakfast room. It seems that it’s impossible for that room to feel bad or to feel bad in it.


Because I was home-bound this weekend getting over the flu, I figured I’d work on small, easy projects to continue to settle into our Niskayuna home. This month we celebrate a year of living here and two years of being together.


I’m in love with this framed quote Theresa bought for me for Christmas. It had been leaning up against our bedroom wall since the holiday, as we hadn’t fully committed to where we thought it should live in our house. In making room for the greenhouse shelf unit shown below, I had to move things around in our breakfast room to accommodate it. What that did was leave a big huge empty space on the wall that I wasn’t happy with. This framed quote fits in perfectly!


This is where we plan on starting the seedlings for our garden this year. To be planted very soon will be tomatoes. There is no better window in our home than this one, and it will be even better when we have the big tree in the back removed.

Little projects like this bring me such satisfaction on the weekends. The older I get, the more I like being in and creating my living spaces. When I had an apartment for a year in between houses, I went into that space thinking I would be content renting forever. I soon quickly realized that I couldn’t quite get settled into my renting situation, as much as I loved my apartment. I am much more invested, emotionally and obviously monetarily, into a home. I like having that time to slowly unfold; visualize and re-work, realizing that it will always be changing as we grow and our needs and dreams change. Investing in a house, creating a home, building – day by day – feels also like an investment in myself.

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