Food preservation ~ in my happy place!

I started one of March’s goals a little early – last weekend, I made it a point to figure out how to preserve some of my excess vegetables so they wouldn’t go bad in the fridge. This weekend I continued that endeavor. I’m feeling some cabin fever so these projects have helped keep me occupied.

Pinterest is such a great tool to learn how to do new things! I will provide the links to the pins I used below.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished in the past two weekends:


Here are the links:

None of this is hard and it’s a perfect weekend project for when you’re just kickin’ it around the house. In my case, recovering from the flu.

I’ve never preserved any of the above vegetables before so it was cool to take the time and learn something completely new.

Today’s project was the shredded potatoes. I chose to preserve my excess potatoes this way because I thought they’d be a fun breakfast additive and I can give some baggies to my parents for them to use when they want something quick and easy.


I also learned how to use the shredder on the food processor. Believe it or not, I’ve never done that before. I’ve always just shredded vegetables the old-fashioned way. You know – using one of these:



Without the food processor, this project would’ve taken 10x as long. For example, the above is just one of the 4 layers. I was pretty jazzed up about how easy it was and right after I was done, I took Adam for a walk to the grocery store to recycle some plastic bags. Win/win/win on this gorgeous, sunny Sunday.

Food preservation is something I started learning and working on probably back in 2014/2015 when I lived in Ballston Lake. It makes me think of those happy times in my kitchen when I had a goal of working toward living a more self-sustainable lifestyle. Because of life changes and whatnot, that goal was pushed off because I had other things to deal with. But doing these small things the past couple of weekends has rekindled that desire in me; I’m a different person now than then but there are still connections.

Anyway! Follow me on Pinterest HERE because I’m always doing something new – lol! If you want to collaborate on a Board, definitely shoot me an invite! I’d love to share ideas and inspiration back and forth.


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