Hi, March! How ya doin’?!

Spoiler alert: We’re due another big snowstorm Sunday night!


I honestly don’t care though. All weekend long I’ll be like:


In the ZONE in my house, working on crafts and small little projects. Why? Because I’m still down and out with what I think is the flu. I ended up canceling my plans to hike tomorrow because I just don’t have the energy.

I’m trying to psych myself up into looking forward to (yet another) weekend by myself at home. Because of my being a germ-box, I don’t want to visit friends and family and spread it around. Last weekend I lolled about, feeling extremely restless and anxious. This weekend I don’t want to feel like that. I want to use this time to rejuvenate, re-center and balance myself. I want to start next week (and March, in general) feeling healthier, happier, ready to take on the world. I’ve realized that unless I’ve made a plan for myself or someone comes and gets me and makes me do something outside the house, I tend to just stay home the entire weekend (not counting going to the gym). It’s not a bad thing it’s just how winter has shaped up for me this season. I will hibernate.

Sometimes I get lonely, sometimes I don’t. When I do get lonely, it’s even harder, believe it or not, to do something about it. I just get stuck in the rut all weekend long ~ in my own way. This is when I need someone to shake me out of it but it’s nobody’s responsibility but my own. Also, once warmer weather hits, it will be different. I’ll have more outdoor activities to keep me busy. This spring/summer/fall, I want to get out on my bicycle more. Anyway, I want to stave off the loneliness this weekend and keep myself occupied. Resting is okay, especially when I’m sick.

I may even get up, shower, get dressed like I’m going somewhere ~ even put my brown wig on – the one I’m wearing in the picture above ~ so it feels like I’m a person with a destination and purpose.

I’ll be posting a new item up in my Etsy shop and any and all views/shares help! My shop can be found at http://www.etsy.com/shop/WeirdGlassArtStudio

Have a great weekend, everyone! May it be just what you need.

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