February’s Ending…March’s Mantra – BALANCE

See February’s goals HERE.

I’m glad February’s coming to an end. Between my mother’s diagnosis and the 2nd year anniversary of FeeBee’s death, February just kind of hung like a cold, wet blanket. There’s something about March that feels better. One more month of the NY winter done – on toward, hopefully, muddy yards and a peek of fresh green.


Here’s an oldie of FeeBee and I! She was approximately 1 or 2 here. She lived until just over age 14.

I didn’t track my weight as strictly as I expected, nor did I hit the gym as much as I wished to. Life threw me some curve balls so I focused on taking care of what I could, while being kind to myself and not taking on any more tasks.

I came up $2.45 short from my $75 sales goal. Sadly, while I am steadily gaining more views on my Etsy page, I did not make a sale on that website this month. My sales all came from Mercari and was mostly clothing/accessories. Like I said earlier this year, I want and expect instant results and building an Etsy shop and following isn’t something that happens overnight. This is why I’m setting monthly goals for myself so that I don’t simply give up. (The other goal results I talked about in previous posts so I don’t really want to repeat myself.)

Overall, February’s goals didn’t get entirely off track with everything that’s going on. I didn’t achieve all I wanted to, but I think that’s reasonable given well, life.

So what’s going on in March? It’s all about BALANCE and I want to achieve the following:

  • More hot yoga classes ~ I cannot think of a single thing while doing hot yoga besides how my body feels and my own breathing. This is beneficial because it’s like meditation for me. It’s good for my mind and body and with all that’s going on, I’d like to focus on taking good care of myself in March and in the months to come. I’d like to up my hot yoga classes from 1x a week to 2x. I’m also open to this goal shifting some for more outdoorsy things like hiking, walking Adam through the woods, etc. Those activities give me that meditative feeling, as well.
  • I’d like to waste less food out of my fridge. Waste not, want not.
  • I’d like to learn more about how to use Pinterest’s analytics and hashtags effectively so as to generate more views to my Etsy site, while continuing to work on my Etsy SEO’s. There’s simply SO MUCH information out there about how to do it and the best ways to make it happen…I am starting to feel that there’s a lot of trial and error until something sticks and that shit changes all the time.
  • Also keeping my monthly sales goal at $75, since I was close to achieving it in February but did not surpass it. edit: last minute I made my goal. So I’m going to challenge myself for $100!

2 thoughts on “February’s Ending…March’s Mantra – BALANCE

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