Hunting for goodies.

Theresa had a rare Saturday off this past weekend and for over a week, I had been kind of itching to visit a Salvation Army I had never been to before. So we ventured over to Central Avenue in Albany and did some exploring.

My favorite section is housewares. I love looking through the discarded kitchenware, finding 3 champagne flutes out of a set of who knows how many, almost an entire set of semi-matching chipped plates. I am one of those people who wonders where these items were before. Who ate off of them. Who originally bought them and loved them. What made them end up here. A new set? Combining of households? Someone’s death?

I picked up a few things to craft with. Things that I felt that, with a little bit of love and imagination, could be desirable again. Maybe I’m wrong but the Salvation Army is like the last stop before things end up in the landfill ~ like a kill shelter for unwanted things. While I enjoy going and rescuing what I can, it also is a depressing place.

One of the items is this heavy crystal bowl – I’m thinking it may have, at one point had a lid and was some sort of candy dish.


I paid $2 for this piece and it is in fabulous condition – no cracks or chips. I figure perhaps this was a wedding gift for someone. It feels like the bland, traditional wedding gift you give to someone you don’t know very well. It feels safe. It’s inoffensive and while it’s a bit superfluous, it is useful if you’re the type of person who has or wants to have candy displayed in something classy.

Who knows. Maybe I’m all wrong and it was someone’s great-grandmother’s and when she passed, the family didn’t need or want it. Maybe it was in a now-retired doctor’s office and whatever couldn’t be sold was just dropped off at the SA.

Regardless; because it’s such a quality piece, I feel it does have the potential to join us in the year 2019. It just needs to be re-thought and updated.


So, I gave it a facelift. The creamy white/off-white vintage farmhouse look is very in right now. I sprayed it in layers and it has a slight gritty texture to it. I then took some silver fabric flowers and sprayed them a metallic gold, using metallic white acrylic paint dots in the center of the flowers to draw the eye in. Around the top lid of the dish is also a metallic gold, but a lighter shade than the flowers. I wanted the flowers to coordinate with the top of the dish but I also wanted them to be the main focal point.

The inside is not sprayed because I don’t like questioning whether or not it’s safe – even if the food items inside may be covered. Since it was clear glass prior, the inside remains that way as a small peek into its past-life and remains food-safe.

I can see this candy dish getting more use in the future in a more hip and updated home. I can see it as a unique gift to someone – wedding, anniversary, or Christmas. I can see it holding candy, car keys, mints, matches, potpourri, tea lights, business cards, fresh strawberries for a night of romance.

It’s not quite ready yet to be added to my Etsy shop, but it will be soon. I’m thinking of a fair price of $15.

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