My latest finished products!

Last weekend I couldn’t create a damned thing. Anything I touched fell apart, paint dribbled and smeared. I lamented to Theresa about how I will never sell anything, how little anyone cares, how I make such terrible, ugly things that nobody in their right minds would ever want.

I don’t actually believe a lot of those things but I like to sometimes just express those inner insecure and frustrated thoughts because they honestly do sound VERY ridiculous when you give them a voice. I think that sometimes our inner-most thoughts sound more serious and real when you don’t say them out loud but when you do say them out loud, they are more apt to sound feeble and ridiculous. So, I do it. I let it all out so I can laugh at myself and move on from those moments of frustration and self-doubt.

The fact is, I was on a hell of a creative streak for some time. Those waves are important to ride because when you have a moment of creative dryness, you can look back on all that you have accomplished and say: Okay, it’s time to take a break! Let’s reorganize. And then suddenly the well is full again and you can pull from it, one bucket at a time.

This weekend I finished two projects and began two more. So I’m back at it!

52387585_1134844430020011_1298687459067953152_n52276882_1318491638293283_5547677018495123456_n (1)

Butterfly Vase/Utensil Holder —>

Metallic Bronze Lace and Abalone Shell Bottles —>

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