So not crushin’ it so far this month.

We’re just about halfway through February and February is so unlike January, I’m not even sure how it’s still the same year.

This time in January I was just about to my sales goal. This time in February I am only $11 in on my goal of $75. I’ve been less steady with my efforts and that is because I’m finding this month’s mantra of “FOCUS” (see blog post HERE) to be super hard.

Work has been very busy and so has life. I have an hour lunch break which I was using in January to market, use Pinterest, blog, etc. This month I’ve had to use my lunch break for different things – errands and various phone calls because adulting is annoying. I haven’t been able to carve out that time during lunch to take care of the things I was doing steadily in January.

On the home front, I’ve been busy with kids, busy with the gym, busy with chores…I can’t even say. But I do know that when Theresa and I are all done with the adult parts of every day life, we’re tired and laying in bed either mindlessly scrolling phones or sleeping.

It hasn’t all been boring though – I did read two books, finish Grace and Frankie all the way to the end of season 5 and commit to a Mother’s Day craft show in May. So that part of my February goal is done – finding a show to participate it. The “Hip and Happenin'” part I’m not entirely sure about. It’s a gamble of a show; it’s at a Health and Rehabilitation Center about an hour south of me and it’s their first time hosting it. Those are the down sides – the fact that it’s a bit farther away than I care for and it may not get a lot of traffic. The upside is that it’s an older crowd, so my glassware may be a hit. Also, it’s geared toward Mother’s Day and a lot of people gift flowers for Mother’s Day. The third bonus is that, given it’s an older audience, my mother’s afghans may sell very well because old people like cute homemade cozy items. I won’t make much from selling my mom’s afghans, maybe a few bucks a piece.

Related to February’s goal of being better at breakfast, I have been doing super well with that. All last week I enjoyed almond and coconut overnight oats, splurging twice so far this month on Eggo waffles for fun. Overall I’ve been much better about eating a healthier breakfast. Has it made a difference? Probably not yet, but each day I choose to do better is making me better in the long run. I would say I’m a pound down but I’m not even because the past few days have been super stressful and guess who’s been at the ice cream in the freezer?

If you guessed my dog, you’d be right, but I’d be a dirty, rotten liar to let you believe that.


So February isn’t as easy and rewarding as January was, but January’s “Stick With It” and this month’s goal to “Focus” just means I need to keep plugging along, doing the best I can. Life is full of distractions and goals can’t be reached every single month, but shit can still be learned and improvements can still be made.

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