Instead of blocking the bad, let the good radiate outward

I don’t know exactly how long it’s been since I’ve been off of my depression meds…at least 3 weeks at this point. I’m terrible with the passage of time – sometimes a week feels like a month and a half year seems like only yesterday.

About the time I stopped though I began taking a Vitamin D supplement, after reading that most of us are Vitamin D deficient. It honestly has been a huge game-changer for me, especially as I transitioned off of taking my meds. While I don’t always feel like an energizer bunny ~ life has its own stresses, after all ~ I definitely feel more happier, more capable and just overall better. 

I don’t feel like this dude below every single day:


What I am having a hard time doing is blocking out some negative vibes and bad feelings that are emanating from those around me. There are a lot of stressed out people in this world; a lot of angry, sad, conflicted people. There’s sometimes a lot of yelling in my house and it really affects my mental well-being. Yelling is a trigger of mine and it causes me to either shrink and hold my stress in my body or I freak out and lose control. Both reactions are equally awful and ugly.

At work today there was an undertone of discontent. I shut my office door, cranked my tunes to ignore that and the consistent cougher in the office next to me. I just tried to be in my own bubble, not letting the vibes get to me. But they always do eventually. And to come home to a stressed out fiancee is hard, too. It makes me just so tired and sad ~ I can’t help but feel like I’m soaking up all the negativity when literally nothing is going wrong.

Then as I was writing this blog, I was talking to my friend Leah and she said something about instead of letting the bad vibes affect me, how about letting my good vibes be absorbed by others…so, essentially, the opposite of what tends to happen. Let the positivity radiate outward and outshine the darkness. Much easier said than done though but I know when the world gets tough around me I tend to think about putting up my own sort of invisible force field to protect me, not so much thinking about the energy I can put forth out into the world that could potentially change the mood of what’s going on around me.

While today is just about over ~ I’m thinking of headed to bed early so I’m just going to let it all be where it’s at ~ maybe it’s something I can work on next time.


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