Goodbye January! Helllloooo February and its Mantra of “FOCUS”!

Unsure why everyone appears to feel that January had a bazillion days in it. For me, I took a hot shower, or 30, and it was over with. Also, why the complaining about how cold and snowy it’s been? We’ve had a very mild (albeit rainy and dreary) winter so far – we are NOW just getting the snow and cold weather that upstate NY winters are all about.

I’m not saying I love the cold, simply that it is what it is and what’s the use spending too much energy complaining about it and wishing for better?

But yes, GOODBYE JANUARY ~ and how did I fair with my goals?

  • My sales goal was met before halfway through the month. The goal was either 5 sales or $50 in sales. I ended with $104.12 – done!
  • Weight loss goal – tabled to February for the use of a digital scale. I do my official weigh-in tomorrow morning.
  • Networking with like-minded individuals online, seeking out advice and doing more research when it comes to marketing, SEOs, etc., – done! This will be a long work in progress though, so although January is over it’s still a continuing goal.
  • I was pretty consistent with my exercising, except for last week. I don’t typically have too much trouble making it to the gym usually, but depression and transitioning off of meds I didn’t feel were working was really making me not want to do much but stay home and away from other people. I made it through 11/12 workouts I scheduled for myself. No complaints.
  • Note: Actually, all of these goals are continuing. While they aren’t my main focus for February, they will not be cast aside ~ not to be thought of ever again.

So, welcome, February!

I think that Theresa and I will be starting our seedlings later this month for our summer garden.


Because plants are cool.

Funky twine plant holder for sale here:

I love gardening and this year, with the removal of a big tree, we have high hopes for a more plentiful garden. The idea of starting our seedlings this month is exciting because while I don’t like to rush the seasons, the idea of picking fresh herbs, veggies, and berries from our garden seems perfect. I’m already proud of the items we haven’t even planted yet! I would just love to someday hone our skills and crops to a point where we can be mostly self-sustaining ~ maybe even fully self-sustaining.

So what else is happenin’ during February? I’ll tell ya…

February’s Mantra is…FOCUS! (“Go Deeper, Not Wider”)

  • BETTER BREAKFAST MEAL PREP is honestly my #1 goal this month, health-wise. I have fallen into that trap I think a lot of parents do – eating quick, carby foods for breakfast that don’t really start off the day well. I want to get back into overnight oats, yogurt with fruit and granola, my protein pancakes, those types of things.
  • Back to that 2 lb. weight loss ~ but again, building better breakfast and eating habits in general is more important to me than what my scale says.
  • $75 in sales, or 5 transactions.
  • Gather some intel on upcoming craft shows in the spring. Find out what’s hot, hip, and happenin’…hopefully ones that aren’t clogged with multi-level-marketing schemes.

So, that’s it. 4 new goals this month. I’ll be sticking with what I’ve been doing for January, but will continue to expand upon that, really working on my breakfast game and seeing what’s out there for craft shows. I’m excited for what February will bring. So far, so good, 2019. Well-played.





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