I found my wedding dress this weekend – quite by accident.

Theresa and I don’t have a set date yet for our wedding. Our thought was to do it the day before we left for our cruise in June, but we’ve tossed back and forth the idea of doing it much sooner. Whenever we do it, it will just be us, our witnesses, and our officiant – Kim. Despite that it will not be a formal or lavish affair whatsoever, we are still going to wear what makes us feel beautiful; something that we could honestly wear again. So, non-traditional – we are two women, anyway.

Theresa is wearing a charcoal grey off the shoulder full-length dress and I am wearing this:


The color is a mauvey-pink and it is an off the shoulder, lace overlay gown with a see-through lace strip right around the knee/lower thigh area. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but since when does any picture of just a dress on a dummy do so?

I never would’ve thought I’d be wearing a pink dress to any wedding on my own free will, including my own wedding, but this…this dress has that vintage, classic feel to it – not to mention I’ve gotten over a fear of anything delicate and feminine. A woman can be many things at once – tough as nails and as fragile as butterfly wings.

When I say I found it by accident, I knew I wanted to get myself in gear this month and find a dress. I had just not made the time and was in between paychecks and whatnot. Theresa and I made a quick run through Lord & Taylor before meeting friends for dinner on Friday night and I found this dress and had to try it on, because the style of it was what I was envisioning for myself but wasn’t sure if I would find out in the real world. I figured I’d have to take a gamble and order something on Etsy to get the look I wanted…but this dress was nestled among mismatched leftover dresses on the clearance racks, just waiting for me.

It fits perfectly.

I love the style.

I love how I feel in it.

I love that it’s not this big, fussy dress.

It was also only $37.

With all that in mind, there’s no way that finding this dress was truly an accident. You don’t usually find something along the lines of what you wanted, your size, and at a ridiculous price point like this. I was meant to have this dress.

I just feel so damned accomplished this weekend, knocking that task right off my list. Between this and renewing my passport, I’m wedding-ready!

I even took all that wedding excitement energy and finished a project this weekend:


A wedding centerpiece vase, also with classic colors so they’d match whatever theme a couple had going on for their special day. Fun photos taken, upon Etsy now for just $10, and ready to be shipped ASAP!

Link to this vase is HERE———> https://www.etsy.com/listing/678325311/silver-lace-and-pearl-floral-hammered?ref=shop_home_feat_1

Link to my Etsy Shop in General ————–> https://www.etsy.com/shop/WeirdGlassArtStudio

Follow me on Pinterest! I pin cool shit! ——-> https://www.pinterest.com/WeirdGlassArtStudio/

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