Goal check in – complications have arisen.


In checking in with my goals I set for January (see blog post HERE), STICK WITH IT being this month’s mantra, I’ve kicked ass with the sales goal. My goal was $50, or 5 sales, and I’m at $88.27 with more than 5 transactions. #BOOM! Goal accomplished before the month’s even over.

I pretty much turned that money right around and bought myself some clothes for spring/summer. No regrets there! Out with the old and in with the new!

When it comes to the weight loss of [a mere] 2 lbs…I weighed myself at the beginning, week 2 put me up 1 pound, week 3 had me down 2, making the official count as down 1 lb. from my original weight…but here’s the issue: Now, just a week later, the scale is reading 5 lbs up. That means, somehow, I would have had to ingest 17,500 extra calories…which did not happen. While I’ve had a bowl of ice cream a couple of times this month as a treat, I have overall been very mindful and discriminating of what I choose to eat, especially when it comes to added sugar.

My scale is a cheap analog scale; I think I paid around $12 for it. So, I’m thinking I need to get a battery for the better, digital scale that’s been hiding in our basement and use that instead. So, the monitoring and loss of 2 lbs on the scale isn’t happening this month. I’ll start fresh with that on February 1st to be consistent with my monthly goal-setting. Still sticking with what I’m up to though – cautious about added sugars and consistency with my workouts. I have been seeing some exciting results from the past two months of taking hot yoga, body pump, and cardio classes at Best Fitness. My quads are regaining the definition they once had and that, in itself, is success and it cannot be defined by the scale.

I also did sign back on to Facebook and joined a couple of groups for like-minded crafters and upcyclers. I also have been super active on Pinterest and now have my blog, Pinterest, Instagram, and Etsy accounts all linked in together which took a LOT of untangling. I had accounts linked to various e-mail addresses, which made it hard for all the different sites to communicate.

So far, I am kicking January’s ass! I’m even past a week off of my anti-depressants and the side effects are waning some. It’s not perfect but I am feeling like I am on a better track and that I have the tools to overcome the obstacles that will definitely get in the way at times. Doing better and feeling better take a daily effort. It’s one of the reasons why I always have my yearly planner on my desk at work – even though I don’t need it for work. I use it as a visual reminder of the things I am working toward.

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