Creating a positive environment to thrive in.

I try to only follow those on social media who either inspire me or exude good vibes. Unfollowing someone is usually nothing personal; we just may no longer be on the same wavelength.

I follow Nicole Arbour on Instagram because the girl is smart and funny as hell. I may not always agree with her point of view but it’s always entertaining.

When reading about her, I learned that she was in a car accident years ago that left her with chronic pain syndrome.  Part of how she got through that to become who she is today is by surrounding herself with good people and good things. Not only that, but even paying attention what she was paying attention to – what books she was reading, what shows or movies she was watching, music she was listening to. If it wasn’t positive and feel-goody, she didn’t bother with it. I liked that so much that last year, I adopted that approach to an extent (because, let’s face it – I enjoy some pretty dark Netflix series) and I can say it has weeded out a lot of the negativity in my life. I do believe that if we surround ourselves with the people and things that make us feel awesome, our life will feel more awesome in general. It’s not rocket science when it’s spelled out like that, is it?

It isn’t a perfect method ~ I’ve caught myself voluntarily watching or listening to things that are upsetting and have had to tell myself to knock it off and turn it off. Find a more lighthearted series to binge watch on Netflix while I craft or do chores. Choosing not to listen to music that promotes violent behavior and attitudes. There’s just so much anger out there that it can be tricky to navigate around it. It takes effort, a real conscious effort.

So, besides the people I allow in my life, I also try to have things around me in my home that are uplifting. I also try to make such things because I believe in it so much. I’m not saying deny the shitty times ~ acknowledge them ~ but also know that shitty times don’t last forever.


These bottles are full of positivity and good vibes. They were one of the first things I made when I moved to this house. Theresa and I were engaged only a few months and us buying the house and legit moving in together was a huge step. We were sure it’d work but still…you don’t truly know someone until you live with them.  I was optimistic though and here we are, almost a year later, still doin’ it. Kids, animals and all.

This set of wine bottles can be purchased HERE —>

Need a pretty vase for your Valentine’s Day bouquet? Snag it here —>


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