Body Pumpin’ with my Cha Cha

For the first time in a while, my fiancée and I took a fitness class together. I love working out with her; I have someone to make faces at and break a sweat with.

That’s how she and I met ~ I was her kickboxing instructor. It feels like “home” – like when we first met – whenever we exercise together. It’s how we originally bonded; me, standing over her as she did sit-ups, asking her if she felt singled out. I loved being a fitness instructor because I got to make people laugh as they did hard shit. I could be as weird and out-there as I wanted to be and it would resonate with someone. It was all just one big giant show. It was the most socially outgoing period of my entire life, something I won’t ever get back. Something that, if handed back the opportunity, I would pass up. Funny how things change.

My experience has been that in life you either get a fun job or a fun life. This season of my life is about having a fun life and an ordinary job.

So, anyway – Theresa attended Body Pump with me.


We have done this class before ~ about a year and a half ago now. I wasn’t too impressed back then. It felt too easy – too aerobicsy and silly. I was hesitant to get back into it when I joined Best Fitness.

My two year stint as a kickboxing instructor made me very snobby toward other workouts and very critical of other instructors. I’m still critical of instructors because I’ve seen so many that give the vibe that they want to be anywhere else but where they are – how does that translate to someone who’s new to fitness? Or someone who’s having a tough day and didn’t want to come?

Back to the point: I’ve been doing it now for almost a month and I’ve grown to really enjoy it. I don’t look forward to going to class, but once I’m there I am ready to start. I enjoy the muscle burn out – the high reps with light weights, how it is very low impact. I’m even seeing more muscle definition in my shoulders which is awesome and reassuring!

I liked having her there with me, too. It’s good for the both of us to be in a routine and it makes it more desirable all around to have a buddy to go with. Accountability.

Routine is really what helps me with my depression, as well, especially now that I’m transitioning off of my medication. Even if I don’t want to go, I go. Although…possibly not this weekend, given the big snow storm we are supposed to get. Can I tell you how excited I am for a blizzard? Our first real one of the winter ~ we only had to wait until mid-January for it to show up. If I have to be stuck inside, I’m going to be stuck inside with my crafts, a good book, wine, soft blankets, and my yoga mat and free weights because even if I can’t get out, I’m going to get some exercise in.

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