I fear being ordinary.

I fear being normal.

I fear being forgettable.

I fear not causing a ripple whatsoever…it all makes me squeamish. I don’t want to be unremarkable.


But there is beauty to ordinary things – the things we look over; too focused on the bigger picture or what’s being painted on the canvas in the background.

While I may sometimes feel as interesting as a dull penny, I know that to my dog, I am someone super amazing and important.


I am the provider of a million kisses, tennis balls for fetching, and the best neck scratches on the planet.

There is nothing wrong with being the solid foundation of a life instead of the glittery decoration at the top. The world needs all kinds to run.

I am over this season and how it has me, at times, too much inside my own head and not enough outside in the real world. Sometimes I feel like I’ve shrunk so small – that I’m almost invisible – and then the world brings me right on back in with an unexpected conversation with a stranger. Thank you, Erica, from Nini’s Gourmet Paninis. I snuck out of my office like a ghost to have lunch amongst a hungry, busy group of strangers. It was refreshing to be seen amongst the mass of digesting 9-to-5ers; I didn’t even know that is what I needed.

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