Did you know – it’s a competition! Who is the most tired?!


Everyone I talk to is tired. If I’m asked how I am, my knee-jerk response is “tired”. What’s with this?! Why is everyone so damned tired all the time? And why does it feel like a competition?

I’m tired of everyone, including myself, expressing how tired they are. I’m tired of the tired-ass tired excuses. The more I say “tired” to myself, the less it sounds like a real word. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s all fictional. No one’s tired – we’re just conditioned to say it so we can make sympathetic noises at each other. It has become as blah of a topic as the weather.

It’s crazy.

Seriously though – I ordered myself a sunrise alarm clock to try and make it easier to get up in the morning. This winter I’ve felt more of the seasonal depression than I think I ever have; we’ve had so much rain and darkness in upstate New York. I keep waiting for the snow because, to me, snow makes the winter…winter. And tolerable. Soon. Soon we’ll get it.

I just don’t want to default to “tired” anymore. I don’t want to hear it from anyone else, either. What can we do to make ourselves less tired and more excited about our lives?

Sleep better.

No electronics at bedtime.

Drink more water.

Drink less caffeine.

Eat less artificial sugar.

More yoga.

More exercise in general.

Fresh air.

Healthier foods.

Practicing gratefulness.

Prioritizing and getting real with yourself – are you overloading your plate?

Making a plan – something fun to look forward to.

Oh, and I am unloading my cabinet doors on my friend Kim. Kim makes awesome holiday décor with wreaths ~ I figured she could experiment with these and if she doesn’t like the result, she can dispose of them as she sees fit. No more supply hoarding for me! I don’t want or need a ton of lingering potential projects hanging over my head, making me feel closed in or pressured to get myself in a position to use materials.

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