Unexplainable Happiness

Both weekend days I woke up and just felt happy – no explanation behind it. No specific event had me feeling elated (although, maybe it was a hangover from my first sale on Etsy? Who knows!), I just woke up like Yes, today is going to rock!

And my weekend kind of did rock. I didn’t have any real plans besides a hot yoga and a cardio kickboxing class. I enjoyed the pep in my step and the time to get some household projects wrapped up, craft ideas organized and/or began, and the time to binge watch the entire season of You on Netflix.


I used to take a lot of selfies, but over the past couple of years I haven’t been too happy with what I see in them. At first, it was because I felt that my face looked baggy and tired – I was under a lot of stress with so much change happening in my life. Then, it was because I thought my face was too chubby. Then too weathered. Too this, too that…The selfie above I took in my craft studio and besides brightening it up (it was taken in the basement, after all), I like this picture of me. Feelin’ amazing without any specific reason. I wish I could bottle that feeling and sip on it every day, while having enough to share with the world. Maybe the secret to a good selfie is to be doing something that you love in the moment so your happy can shine right through.

Link to my Etsy Shop —-> http://www.etsy.com/shop/WeirdGlassArtStudio






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