Valentine’s Day – for the birds?

I’ll be the first to admit my long-held hatred for everything Valentine’s Day. I’ve always scoffed at it, thinking to myself: WHY do we need a “scheduled” day of love? Why can’t we just show love every day? Why can’t we buy each other something special or make an extra effort on a whim?

Secretly, though, I’ve always kind of loved the idea of Valentine’s Day. It is just cool to hate it, hip to be cynical. Just because there is a holiday dedicated to something doesn’t mean that something can’t be celebrated every day. There are no rules or laws against it.

I’ve given the side-eye to many things over the years and some of it’s legit, some of it isn’t. In the case of Valentine’s Day, it’s not legit. Sometimes I vocalize displeasure at one thing or another as a way to guard myself against disappointment. If my significant other doesn’t acknowledge the day, I’ve shielded myself from the appearance of being let down and can be bummed in private. If they make a big deal about it, then I can let my insides and outside somersault with happiness.

If I think I’ll fail at something and I succeed, I feel that surge of confidence and get to hear everyone tell me: See? I knew you could do it!

If I think I’ll do awesome and I fail, it can be hard to believe in myself enough to keep moving forward. Tough to stay motivated. The haters will titter: See? I knew she couldn’t do it. She’s doing it all wrong!

I feel like adults are looked at as if they are crazy if they show any sort of child-like enthusiasm or blind hope. Life throws punches at us and we become cynical to protect our real selves that are hiding inside. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the birds – it’s for the love birds and it’s okay to be a mushy-gushy love bird, even if you are single. It’s okay to believe in love even if you’ve been burned time after time. It’s okay to see the world like a child – full of opportunity and magic.

In revolt of years I’ve spent proclaiming that Valentine’s Day is just sooooo gay (coming from a gay person), I made this super flamboyant vase for the holiday and plunked it in my Etsy Shop.

Why? Because I believe in love. I believe in second chances. I believe in good things coming after bad, bad things coming after good, all that shit circling around again and again until we eventually die. I believe we can come back after years of being away.

Link to my Etsy Shop:

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