Good at ideas – not so great at execution. Kitchen update!

I’ve come to terms with the fact that my skill set is more on the creative, dreaming side of things than the execution side. For the most part. I mean I am able to make some pretty cool stuff but I’m not always successful. Sometimes the hardest part is taking an idea and bringing it to life – translating it from a wisp of brain-smoke into a tangible, finished product.

Thankfully, the kitchen dream turned out SUPER AWESOME.

[“Before” picture thrown in for proper comparison.]

This project was super fulfilling and such an inexpensive temporary solution to our out-dated kitchen. The cabinets are in very questionable shape; I’d guess they are 30 years old and the kind of quality you’d see in a lower-end apartment somewhere. However, they will see us through (in style!) until we can afford to renovate the way we like.

I’ve been debt-free for a couple of years now (besides the basic stuff like a car, a house) and I don’t intend on creating more debt, if at all possible, for household things we can feasibly plan for. That’s why it may take us longer to get there – my stubborn refusal to finance the finer things in life that truly can wait. It also feels more amazing to wait and pay for things in cash – like achieving a goal. Unlocking a new level.

Back to my ideas though sometimes not translating well – this fucking basket idea.


Before we painted, I had three of these baskets (which were a natural color – not the sprayed gold as shown in the picture) hanging over the kitchen sink on a tension rod. Those baskets held our dishcloths because sponges are ew. Theresa didn’t want to go back to the tension rod because she feels it blocks too much of the window; she’s right. So I had the idea of screwing the baskets into the side of the cabinet so we can still utilize them, while not taking up as much space.

I see now why my ex-husband didn’t want to allow me to hang pictures and stuff in our old house: I’m not really good at it. I don’t have a solid grasp on the mechanics and engineering of hanging things and often mess it up. Measuring is tedious, leveling is even more tedious – ugh. Can’t I just flick a magic wand and it be perfect?

So I attached one basket and you should see my kitchen counter – I apparently needed to bring out every single tool we own and guess who put a screw too far into the cabinet? Me. It poked into the other side, messing up the inside paint job of the cabinet. Oops. And then guess who didn’t think far enough ahead to realize that the drill is too large to fit into the mouth of the basket to put the screws in? And that we don’t appear to have a short screw driver that I can fit inside of there to manually twist in? That’d all be me. I was using the drill bit head to twist it in, along with my red grippy pad I use to open stuck jars. High tech.  I mean, it’s up and it’s holding the dishcloths but it’s not exactly professional.

Let’s just say I have not hung the other two baskets because I need an adult. There are engineers and artists in this world and I am the latter. I’m detail oriented when it comes to my job but when it comes to household projects or crafts – nah, son. I don’t want to be bothered.


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