Occasion for Champagne!

Today is a mixed bag of awesome and disappointment. Despite the disappointment, champagne was still purchased because it’s important to celebrate when hard work pays off!

The awesome news: I made my first sale on Etsy today!


This set of bottles is headed out to its new home in Pennsylvania tomorrow morning! I botched the shipping a bit and ended up paying $1 more than what I charged but, again, I’m still learning.  I will have to make it a point to read up on how to better utilize shipping calculations for my listings so I do not make this mistake again.

This, plus the two items I shipped today on Mercari, put me over my goal of $50 in sales this month and we’re just shy of halfway through the month! ::Pops bottle over goal achievement::

{Now I have to figure out how to best get organized for income tax purposes. The to-do list keeps getting longer!}

The disappointment: My fiancée’s job. She’s been working her ass off while being in this weird transitional period of positions and taking on tasks that don’t fall within her job description. She cares. There are some people that go to work with a mindset of “I’ll do as little as possible.” Then there are some that go to work and actually care about the job itself and the people it affects. It’s a punch in the gut to not feel recognized and monetarily compensated for over-and-above efforts. I don’t care who you are, we all want to be seen when we excel. We all do most things for some type of reward, whether it’s an emotional reward (a “feel good”) or a monetary one (a raise, bonus, etc.).

So, the champagne is still going to be popped not only because I achieved my sales goal early, but because I know how hard my fiancée works at her job and at home. Her hard work says a lot about her character and the love she has for people.


——Visit my Etsy shop at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/WeirdGlassArtStudio

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