Stubbornly Mastering the Day: Decluttering goals

I am very stubborn when it comes to getting things done. I don’t procrastinate much; I may chew on an idea for a while, waiting for the perfect time or the perfect method of attack, but I believe that the best way to tackle a looming project is to simply begin.

Breaking up a bit task into smaller ones helps me feel like I am moving forward. I  spread out the steps in my calendar book so that it’s less overwhelming to me. There’s also that satisfaction of putting a check mark next to a completed job.

I know that this is an aspect of my personality that can seem annoying and stressful to some. Contrary to what it sounds, I do know how to relax. I just have a hard time relaxing when I have a lot to do and boy, do I want to do a lot with my life. I’ve had people judge my varying interests by condescendingly saying “Oh, she’s all over the place!” So what, maybe I am. There’s a lot in life to be excited and interested in – why the hell would I want to stay in the same box forever?

When it comes to my goal of $50 in sales this month (sales being either crafts on Etsy, crafts or clothing/accessories on Mercari, or any larger items on LetGo), I have $21 to go! I’m determined to continue to declutter my closet and my life so last night I went through and adjusted prices on Mercari in hopes to sell things quicker. Keeping my material belongings to a minimum helps me keep my home and mind clear. Home isn’t the stuff that’s inside, it’s the love inside.

If you’ve been putting off decluttering and are not sure where to start, check out this pretty awesome blog post about Decluttering: How To Declutter Your Home.

The section on craft items hit home for me because I am also an upcycler and I tend to take in various things from people that I know I will use “someday”. I have a whole stash of “someday” stuff and that blog post inspired me to decide that this weekend, I am going to take a good, honest look at all of it and determine what I will actually use and what I don’t need. Upcycling materials are not difficult to come by so anything I don’t want I will likely put up on LetGo for other local crafters/upcyclers. Maybe they have an immediate idea for it.

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