The second week in January is trying my resolve.

It’s only the second week into the month of January – January’s motto being “stick with it” (see THIS post for details on that) and I’m entering into this week feeling like no real progress on my goals this month have been made, but I know it is too early to really tell. It’s January 7th for crying out loud. Chill, Stacey. Chill.

When it comes to my weight loss goal, I’m up one pound despite cutting out about 80% of all my added sugar intake. It’s a little discouraging, to say the least. I was not expecting to lose 20 lbs, but putting a kabosh on the excessive sugar I had been consuming since Thanksgiving should account for something on the scale, right?

One thing everyone needs to remember (including myself) when they are trying to lose body fat is that progress isn’t always reflected on the scale. Keeping the sweets and soda to a bare minimum has taken away my constant feeling of fatigue. I am more alert, less bloated, and feeling more emotionally even-keeled. Those are awesome, awesome things after just over a week of making that change. While I would have liked to have seen the scale down a pound, it will happen if I just stick with it.

Over the weekend, I had a couple of low-ball offers on some items I am selling – one of which is handmade – and I declined. Later on that day, I reconsidered because #goals, right? Unfortunately, the potential customers had already moved on with their lives. I’m not sure how I feel about that – did I foil my own opportunity to get closer to my sales goal this month? Or did I do the right thing by saying no to offers that felt a smidge insulting?

Sitting here and considering that, likely it is the venue of where I was trying to sell the thing. Wrong audience. I don’t know ~ I’m still learning. 

Around painting the kitchen cabinets this weekend (picture below of updated progress), I was able to finish my latest vase. I hand painted each and every flower on there in different patterns and I am pretty proud of the weird, unique result. The mood of this piece, to me, is “overwhelmed” ~ lately I feel like I have been flooded with ideas and inspiration. So this “overwhelmed” mood isn’t negative. Instead of mindlessly scrolling at night, I’ve done less of that and more of reading various articles related to owning and managing a successful Etsy shop, SEOs, and DIY ideas for materials I have laying around – you know, productive brain bleaching.

(Link to my Etsy Shop —–>

And now for the kitchen progress:


We are absolutely in love with this beautiful, easy, and inexpensive kitchen transformation! This is why I love owning a home; it can be customized to whatever we want. We don’t have to get anyone’s permission to swap this or that or to get real wild by painting a room bright green! (No, we will not be doing that. But…we could if we wanted to!)

So, in summary, the plan this week is to keep on keepin’ on. Go to my classes, keep working on the kitchen, love my family and myself, and keep learning (and not truly in that order). One week of solid dedication to something doesn’t always yield instant results. Perseverance often does.

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