Kitchen face lift – on the cheap!

Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the most expensive upgrades. Our home in Niskayuna is in desperate need of many updates ~ which is why I paid around 80k less than what the other homes in the neighborhood are going for. Not many people nowadays want a project; they want something more updated that’s move-in ready. Something as small (I consider it small, anyway) as ugly-ass kitchen cabinets can deter a sale.

Even if Theresa and I weren’t crafty people, we wouldn’t be able to afford a home already just the way we want it. Thankfully neither of us are afraid of hard work and using our imagination.

We’re embarking on a kitchen journey ~ a temporary kitchen journey ~ which began on New Years Eve. On NYE, I was like “Hey, let’s take off the doors to the top kitchen cabinets!” and, to my surprise, Theresa was like “Sure; it’ll only take a few minutes!” So, we did. Then the broken lazy-susan was exposed, which Theresa has since created new circular shelves for.

Now we’re getting a bit crazy with our face lift – we’re are painting the cabinets blue and we will be lining the insides with patterned vinyl. (Pictures of that progress to be shared later.)


The blue on the inside of the lazy-susan cabinet against the out-dated faux-oak (“foak”)

We are going to keep the top cabinets open and exposed; the bottom cabinets will be remain to deter pet hair and dust/dirt from settling on the items inside. The lazy-susan is being sprayed an oiled bronze so that it will match the knobs of the cabinets, which I will also be spraying. These small upgrades cost us less than $100 to do and, while temporary, will make us hate our kitchen less until we can afford what we truly want to do – which will take time and professional assistance with design and labor.

I love having someone who is into trying crazy household projects with me. Someone who’s open to exploring DIY options that don’t cost thousands of dollars. I love trying to use what we have by giving it a fresh look. Less money out of our pockets and less trash polluting the earth.



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