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Goodbye January! Helllloooo February and its Mantra of “FOCUS”!

Unsure why everyone appears to feel that January had a bazillion days in it. For me, I took a hot shower, or 30, and it was over with. Also, why the complaining about how cold and snowy it’s been? We’ve had a very mild (albeit rainy and dreary) winter so far – we are NOW just getting the snow and cold weather that upstate NY winters are all about.

I’m not saying I love the cold, simply that it is what it is and what’s the use spending too much energy complaining about it and wishing for better?

But yes, GOODBYE JANUARY ~ and how did I fair with my goals?

  • My sales goal was met before halfway through the month. The goal was either 5 sales or $50 in sales. I ended with $104.12 – done!
  • Weight loss goal – tabled to February for the use of a digital scale. I do my official weigh-in tomorrow morning.
  • Networking with like-minded individuals online, seeking out advice and doing more research when it comes to marketing, SEOs, etc., – done! This will be a long work in progress though, so although January is over it’s still a continuing goal.
  • I was pretty consistent with my exercising, except for last week. I don’t typically have too much trouble making it to the gym usually, but depression and transitioning off of meds I didn’t feel were working was really making me not want to do much but stay home and away from other people. I made it through 11/12 workouts I scheduled for myself. No complaints.
  • Note: Actually, all of these goals are continuing. While they aren’t my main focus for February, they will not be cast aside ~ not to be thought of ever again.

So, welcome, February!

I think that Theresa and I will be starting our seedlings later this month for our summer garden.


Because plants are cool.

Funky twine plant holder for sale here:

I love gardening and this year, with the removal of a big tree, we have high hopes for a more plentiful garden. The idea of starting our seedlings this month is exciting because while I don’t like to rush the seasons, the idea of picking fresh herbs, veggies, and berries from our garden seems perfect. I’m already proud of the items we haven’t even planted yet! I would just love to someday hone our skills and crops to a point where we can be mostly self-sustaining ~ maybe even fully self-sustaining.

So what else is happenin’ during February? I’ll tell ya…

February’s Mantra is…FOCUS! (“Go Deeper, Not Wider”)

  • BETTER BREAKFAST MEAL PREP is honestly my #1 goal this month, health-wise. I have fallen into that trap I think a lot of parents do – eating quick, carby foods for breakfast that don’t really start off the day well. I want to get back into overnight oats, yogurt with fruit and granola, my protein pancakes, those types of things.
  • Back to that 2 lb. weight loss ~ but again, building better breakfast and eating habits in general is more important to me than what my scale says.
  • $75 in sales, or 5 transactions.
  • Gather some intel on upcoming craft shows in the spring. Find out what’s hot, hip, and happenin’…hopefully ones that aren’t clogged with multi-level-marketing schemes.

So, that’s it. 4 new goals this month. I’ll be sticking with what I’ve been doing for January, but will continue to expand upon that, really working on my breakfast game and seeing what’s out there for craft shows. I’m excited for what February will bring. So far, so good, 2019. Well-played.





A creative weekend.

After spending a couple of weeks doing more organizational/decluttering stuff as opposed to creating, I had a nice creative weekend.

I uploaded two new items to my Etsy shop:

50693460_2255157698142951_4575008144475815936_nFor Sale Here —>

Which used to look like this before I dismantled it:


I don’t ever put things up for sale that I’m not 100% happy with, so that’s why I took this vase apart and went into a different direction…a wedding direction.

The second project I finished were these two mini Coke bottle decorations:


For Sale Here —>

I dig the bleached out matte blue ~ the clean farmhouse style is so in right now. One of the easiest ways to make your living space look and feel more expensive is to not only declutter, but take some dingy items and paint them a light color, if not completely white. Such a simple upgrade really gives an item new life.

In between those projects, I also went to the Clifton Park Library’s book sale on Sunday with my friend Leah ~ I filled up my Jansport with books for only $2! Craft ideas, gardening ideas, books simply for fun…I made out like a bandit! I think she did, as well, snagging up some cookbooks for her boyfriend whose goal this year is to be more of an “adult” and learn to cook! You really can’t go wrong with a library book sale; there is always something for everyone.

You know what else you can’t go wrong with? FROZEN YOGURT! After our purchases, we went over to 16 Handles for a splurge. How I just got on the frozen yogurt deliciousness train in just the past two years I will never know…I’ve always been an ice cream girl!

I will admit though that my January goal of “Sticking With it” has mainly been very, very fruitful…but lately I’ve wanted sugary things again. For example, after having frozen yogurt Sunday I had a small bowl of ice cream last night. Because I am restarting my weight loss goal on February 1st with a digital scale (as opposed to analog), I will say that my dedication has begun to wan in this department. However, today’s a new day – a new day without ice cream or big indulgences. I kept in mind the maximum amount of added sugar in grams per day for a female (which is 25g, if you are curious) and am determined to stay off the too-much-sugar train.

When it comes to my gym routine, last week I only worked out once. Last week felt tough; I was exhausted and felt like I needed rest more than anything. So I listened to my body and gave it more sleep. Then last night, I went to Body Pump as usual and realized I felt very…bored. So, I may change up my fitness classes during the week a bit so that I stay engaged and moving forward. Maybe change out one of my body pumps with their B.Fiit classes. It was already in the back of my mind that maybe in February I’d make the change from body pump to the boot camp-style class of B.Fiit.

Anyway, that’s enough for today! I can’t wait to do my official “results” post of my January goals and outline February’s! There’s something exciting about this year to me ~ I feel like good shit’s going to happen.

I found my wedding dress this weekend – quite by accident.

Theresa and I don’t have a set date yet for our wedding. Our thought was to do it the day before we left for our cruise in June, but we’ve tossed back and forth the idea of doing it much sooner. Whenever we do it, it will just be us, our witnesses, and our officiant – Kim. Despite that it will not be a formal or lavish affair whatsoever, we are still going to wear what makes us feel beautiful; something that we could honestly wear again. So, non-traditional – we are two women, anyway.

Theresa is wearing a charcoal grey off the shoulder full-length dress and I am wearing this:


The color is a mauvey-pink and it is an off the shoulder, lace overlay gown with a see-through lace strip right around the knee/lower thigh area. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but since when does any picture of just a dress on a dummy do so?

I never would’ve thought I’d be wearing a pink dress to any wedding on my own free will, including my own wedding, but this…this dress has that vintage, classic feel to it – not to mention I’ve gotten over a fear of anything delicate and feminine. A woman can be many things at once – tough as nails and as fragile as butterfly wings.

When I say I found it by accident, I knew I wanted to get myself in gear this month and find a dress. I had just not made the time and was in between paychecks and whatnot. Theresa and I made a quick run through Lord & Taylor before meeting friends for dinner on Friday night and I found this dress and had to try it on, because the style of it was what I was envisioning for myself but wasn’t sure if I would find out in the real world. I figured I’d have to take a gamble and order something on Etsy to get the look I wanted…but this dress was nestled among mismatched leftover dresses on the clearance racks, just waiting for me.

It fits perfectly.

I love the style.

I love how I feel in it.

I love that it’s not this big, fussy dress.

It was also only $37.

With all that in mind, there’s no way that finding this dress was truly an accident. You don’t usually find something along the lines of what you wanted, your size, and at a ridiculous price point like this. I was meant to have this dress.

I just feel so damned accomplished this weekend, knocking that task right off my list. Between this and renewing my passport, I’m wedding-ready!

I even took all that wedding excitement energy and finished a project this weekend:


A wedding centerpiece vase, also with classic colors so they’d match whatever theme a couple had going on for their special day. Fun photos taken, upon Etsy now for just $10, and ready to be shipped ASAP!

Link to this vase is HERE———>

Link to my Etsy Shop in General ————–>

Follow me on Pinterest! I pin cool shit! ——->

Gossip ushers in a lot of fun into conversations. All that frivolous talk about who wore what and why it didn’t suit him/her, the way she carries herself and what an odd couple they make, the way she laughs and how much he drinks…people have written novels, which center around gossip! Light-hearted gossip may be […]

via How to Disengage from Gossip — Emotional Shadows

My first review at my new-ish job ~ here’s how it went

I switched law firms at the end of October – taking a great, big leap into the unknown. Prior to the switch, I had been back at Cutler, Trainor & Cutler, LLP for about a year and a half, before that – two years with – and then for almost 12 years prior to that, I was at Cutler, Trainor & Cutler, LLP. So, overall, I spent 13.5 years at one law firm, fully entrenched in its routine, movement patterns, and inner politics.

Working at the Cutler firm was very easy for me and sometimes that easiness made the job boring. Leave it to the clients though to swoop right on in with some crazy story or scenario and that would make the day interesting. I knew the people very well; knew what I could and couldn’t say, how far to press an issue and when to drop it. I am a very good judge of personalities and moods, so I found comfort in knowing what to expect.  Waters I was comfortable navigating. Leaving and going to a different, 3x as large firm felt risky to me but it also felt like the right choice for me and my family. So, I made the move.

It is office policy that reviews are done quarterly with staff. Today was my first one and it was neither good nor bad. It was neutral – “blah”, as I called it. What I really wanted was to be told how fucking amazingly awesome I am and how, despite that, I could do better in the areas of x, y, and z.

But that didn’t happen. They are still getting a feeling for my work and are ready to shift some more stuff to me so that I don’t have such big gaps in my work flow. Going from a general practice firm to a firm where I am specialized is an adjustment for me because I feel like there are times of plenty and times of twiddling thumbs (almost) ~ waiting to hear back from people and Court systems.  I expressed a willingness to be cross-trained into other things so that I can keep moving, but was told that the work flow would be accessed and re-delegated. I think I will be much happier once I am given more responsibilities. I like feeling busy and productive.

I did get a tidbit of advice though from the founding partner, Lou Pierro ~ it was:


Cue: That’s what she said.

Cue [me]:


Ohhh you’re so original and witty!

Seriously though, I have been chewing on the “go deeper, not wider” comment all damned day. I was considering if it was some sort of insult; like maybe I don’t know what I’m really doing at all and they’ve CAUGHT ON…and I’m just quickly swiping off surface stains – not actually affecting the fabric of my work. Simply doing admin work on a paralegal salary. An honest look at that assessment is maybe that is what I am doing unconsciously.

Hear me out:

I love trying new things and learning how to do things. But I do quickly move from one thing to the next, before I’ve even “mastered” my first task. A perfect example would be my Etsy shop. I am continuing to learn how to market that on social medias in a smart, productive way. I am learning what I can do with glass bottles and how I can create something pretty odd and unique using remnants of this and that. I have not mastered having an Etsy shop yet (I’m only a little over a month in with one sale), nor have I achieved any sort of overnight success with my social media marketing. Both of these things take time and consistent effort every day for likely a substantial period of time. I’ve been working steadily every single day so far this year on this task.

YET – I found myself digging the other night through a baggie vintage jewelry that I purchased a while ago, looking up brands and Olympic collector pins on Google to see if I have anything worth value so I can OPEN A GODDAMNED EBAY STORE FOR VINTAGE/COSTUME JEWELRY!?

This is what I’m talking about. Picking up other projects instead of continuing to work on mastering one. It’s so me. It’s what I do. I pride myself on being a multi-tasker but chronic multi-tasking means nothing gets completely done. It means a lot of projects hang out in various stages of done-ness until I get a bug up my ass to finish it. Or don’t. Or re-think it and take it all apart and start something new again.

I may just take the “go deeper, not wider” as a challenge to really hone in on my craft ~ at work and at home ~ because I imagine there is a huge sense of pride when you finally do master what it is you’ve been working so hard at every single day. I may be willing to find out, actually. Why not? What do I have to lose?

Goal check in – complications have arisen.


In checking in with my goals I set for January (see blog post HERE), STICK WITH IT being this month’s mantra, I’ve kicked ass with the sales goal. My goal was $50, or 5 sales, and I’m at $88.27 with more than 5 transactions. #BOOM! Goal accomplished before the month’s even over.

I pretty much turned that money right around and bought myself some clothes for spring/summer. No regrets there! Out with the old and in with the new!

When it comes to the weight loss of [a mere] 2 lbs…I weighed myself at the beginning, week 2 put me up 1 pound, week 3 had me down 2, making the official count as down 1 lb. from my original weight…but here’s the issue: Now, just a week later, the scale is reading 5 lbs up. That means, somehow, I would have had to ingest 17,500 extra calories…which did not happen. While I’ve had a bowl of ice cream a couple of times this month as a treat, I have overall been very mindful and discriminating of what I choose to eat, especially when it comes to added sugar.

My scale is a cheap analog scale; I think I paid around $12 for it. So, I’m thinking I need to get a battery for the better, digital scale that’s been hiding in our basement and use that instead. So, the monitoring and loss of 2 lbs on the scale isn’t happening this month. I’ll start fresh with that on February 1st to be consistent with my monthly goal-setting. Still sticking with what I’m up to though – cautious about added sugars and consistency with my workouts. I have been seeing some exciting results from the past two months of taking hot yoga, body pump, and cardio classes at Best Fitness. My quads are regaining the definition they once had and that, in itself, is success and it cannot be defined by the scale.

I also did sign back on to Facebook and joined a couple of groups for like-minded crafters and upcyclers. I also have been super active on Pinterest and now have my blog, Pinterest, Instagram, and Etsy accounts all linked in together which took a LOT of untangling. I had accounts linked to various e-mail addresses, which made it hard for all the different sites to communicate.

So far, I am kicking January’s ass! I’m even past a week off of my anti-depressants and the side effects are waning some. It’s not perfect but I am feeling like I am on a better track and that I have the tools to overcome the obstacles that will definitely get in the way at times. Doing better and feeling better take a daily effort. It’s one of the reasons why I always have my yearly planner on my desk at work – even though I don’t need it for work. I use it as a visual reminder of the things I am working toward.

Creating a positive environment to thrive in.

I try to only follow those on social media who either inspire me or exude good vibes. Unfollowing someone is usually nothing personal; we just may no longer be on the same wavelength.

I follow Nicole Arbour on Instagram because the girl is smart and funny as hell. I may not always agree with her point of view but it’s always entertaining.

When reading about her, I learned that she was in a car accident years ago that left her with chronic pain syndrome.  Part of how she got through that to become who she is today is by surrounding herself with good people and good things. Not only that, but even paying attention what she was paying attention to – what books she was reading, what shows or movies she was watching, music she was listening to. If it wasn’t positive and feel-goody, she didn’t bother with it. I liked that so much that last year, I adopted that approach to an extent (because, let’s face it – I enjoy some pretty dark Netflix series) and I can say it has weeded out a lot of the negativity in my life. I do believe that if we surround ourselves with the people and things that make us feel awesome, our life will feel more awesome in general. It’s not rocket science when it’s spelled out like that, is it?

It isn’t a perfect method ~ I’ve caught myself voluntarily watching or listening to things that are upsetting and have had to tell myself to knock it off and turn it off. Find a more lighthearted series to binge watch on Netflix while I craft or do chores. Choosing not to listen to music that promotes violent behavior and attitudes. There’s just so much anger out there that it can be tricky to navigate around it. It takes effort, a real conscious effort.

So, besides the people I allow in my life, I also try to have things around me in my home that are uplifting. I also try to make such things because I believe in it so much. I’m not saying deny the shitty times ~ acknowledge them ~ but also know that shitty times don’t last forever.


These bottles are full of positivity and good vibes. They were one of the first things I made when I moved to this house. Theresa and I were engaged only a few months and us buying the house and legit moving in together was a huge step. We were sure it’d work but still…you don’t truly know someone until you live with them.  I was optimistic though and here we are, almost a year later, still doin’ it. Kids, animals and all.

This set of wine bottles can be purchased HERE —>

Need a pretty vase for your Valentine’s Day bouquet? Snag it here —>


Snowed in and keeping busy ~ also, telling the little lying voice to shut up.

Upstate NY this weekend:


Perfect time to hunker down in my house all weekend and get to decluttering my craft space, like I said I would do last weekend.

[As if I need an excuse to be home and avoid other humans on the weekend.]

I woke up without exuberance ~ maaaannnn, I was really hoping to spring up out of bed, ready to tackle the day! But I could feel despair hanging on to my back, slumping my shoulders, making me wonder why I bother with anything. I stood at my kitchen sink and told myself that the voice was a lie ~ I am not invisible. I am important. What I do, who I am, matters. I literally had this conversation out-loud with myself and I’m not sure why I’m sharing it because it is kind of embarrassing. I just hate that depression sometimes tries to determine the kind of day I am going to have. Nah, son. I’m going to determine that. Kindly fuck off in that direction over there.


Keeping busy has always been a big help for me – as in, ROUTINE. So, I wrote out all that I wanted to accomplish today and set to it. I turned my music up way loud and ended up having a rock concert all by myself as I sorted, recycled, donated, and organized my craft space.



BOOM! I mean, it’s not 100% done but it’s so much better than what it was!

I gave a box of stuff to my friend Kim for her to use because craft hoarding is a legit thing. I get a lot of items donated to me and I put most of it aside, telling myself I’ll get to it…and so I made a decision today. If I’ve had it for a year and I haven’t done anything wit it yet, it has to go. Whether it’s donated to someone who can use it or recycled – it’s gotta get out of here.

I took a break for some lunch and Kim came to get her things and then my sister showed up, unexpectedly! It was wonderful – first visiting with Kim and then with my sister. My heart feels very full today for the important people in my life.

Can I say, I feel amazing? Today is a victory. That’s how you master life – one day at a time.

Body Pumpin’ with my Cha Cha

For the first time in a while, my fiancée and I took a fitness class together. I love working out with her; I have someone to make faces at and break a sweat with.

That’s how she and I met ~ I was her kickboxing instructor. It feels like “home” – like when we first met – whenever we exercise together. It’s how we originally bonded; me, standing over her as she did sit-ups, asking her if she felt singled out. I loved being a fitness instructor because I got to make people laugh as they did hard shit. I could be as weird and out-there as I wanted to be and it would resonate with someone. It was all just one big giant show. It was the most socially outgoing period of my entire life, something I won’t ever get back. Something that, if handed back the opportunity, I would pass up. Funny how things change.

My experience has been that in life you either get a fun job or a fun life. This season of my life is about having a fun life and an ordinary job.

So, anyway – Theresa attended Body Pump with me.


We have done this class before ~ about a year and a half ago now. I wasn’t too impressed back then. It felt too easy – too aerobicsy and silly. I was hesitant to get back into it when I joined Best Fitness.

My two year stint as a kickboxing instructor made me very snobby toward other workouts and very critical of other instructors. I’m still critical of instructors because I’ve seen so many that give the vibe that they want to be anywhere else but where they are – how does that translate to someone who’s new to fitness? Or someone who’s having a tough day and didn’t want to come?

Back to the point: I’ve been doing it now for almost a month and I’ve grown to really enjoy it. I don’t look forward to going to class, but once I’m there I am ready to start. I enjoy the muscle burn out – the high reps with light weights, how it is very low impact. I’m even seeing more muscle definition in my shoulders which is awesome and reassuring!

I liked having her there with me, too. It’s good for the both of us to be in a routine and it makes it more desirable all around to have a buddy to go with. Accountability.

Routine is really what helps me with my depression, as well, especially now that I’m transitioning off of my medication. Even if I don’t want to go, I go. Although…possibly not this weekend, given the big snow storm we are supposed to get. Can I tell you how excited I am for a blizzard? Our first real one of the winter ~ we only had to wait until mid-January for it to show up. If I have to be stuck inside, I’m going to be stuck inside with my crafts, a good book, wine, soft blankets, and my yoga mat and free weights because even if I can’t get out, I’m going to get some exercise in.