New Years Resolution: Don’t be a jerk.


So there I was, scrollin’ through Reddit before bed and I ran across this Tweet. You know what? It was something I needed to see because I was already beginning to dread how PACKED my gym was going to get starting January 1st, as if my gym routine is somehow more important than someone else’s. Like, just because I joined right after Thanksgiving means that I’m oh-so-much farther ahead on my fitness journey and have the bragging rights to that. Nah, son. I’m not corny and boring.

When I was a fitness instructor, I looked forward to the “New Years Resolutioners” because it would ensure that we would have newbies coming through the doors and it was my opportunity to make their new journey a (hopefully) different and life-changing one. Plus, the more members I signed up the bigger monthly bonuses I received. But that was me as an instructor. Me as a participant is selfish ~ I don’t want to have to fight to get into my favorite classes for the next two months when statistics show that at least 50% of them are going to quit anyway. See how those two roles contrast completely? One is very optimistic and the other is quite pessimistic.

I need to look at it the way I did as an instructor: When I see someone new, say hello to them and be a friendly face that will encourage them to come back. Everyone starts somewhere. I mean, I’m re-starting myself – trying different things, trying to reign in my holiday eating habits. I’m no better than anyone else.


This is me on day #4 of my sugar detox ~ I treated myself to a froyo today because I probably eat that maybe 2x a year at most. Instead of it being a compulsive choice, it was a calculated one and it feels better and more in control.

I have some big goals set for myself in 2019, but the one I am starting first relates to being patient with the Resolutioners. Maybe more of them will make it past the first couple of months with a bit of kindness from gym regulars.

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