The Holiday Catch-All

Now that Christmas is over, I’m ready to tackle a rather unexpected project…the clearing out of this spare room.


That’d be this hot mess. It holds the exercise bike/elliptical I’m trying to sell for a friend, the screens that Theresa and I need to put new mesh in, extra chairs, the folding chairs for my craft shows, a big Christmas tote, our new bathroom sink (that we’ll put in once we get the new flooring down), tools, a wooden trunk that holds stuff I’m selling on Mercari, and my computer. It started off as the room where I was organizing and selling clothing/accessories and somehow as the winter wore on, more was put into it to just get it out of the way temporarily.

Oh, and there’s Chicken, our sulfur-crested cockatoo. We recently put him in this room from the other because his new brother, Poopie (an umbrella cockatoo), is quite the screamer and the only way to get Poopie to simmer down is to shut the lights off and close the blinds. It felt unfair to Chicken, who is typically a very quiet bird, to be plunged into the darkness whenever Poopie acted up. So Theresa and I felt it was best to have Chicken in his own room where he could enjoy the windows and the sunlight. That’s a big reason why I’m making this room clean-out such a priority. I want everyone to be happy and comfortable and, because birds are destructive and we like leaving their cages open when we’re home, I want to minimize what Chicken can get ahold of and destroy.

Don’t let his sweet little face fool you – he bites.

I do love having a project to work on during the weekend. I like feeling productive and that I’m moving forward, accomplishing something. However, this project comes with a downside ~ it’s keeping me from crafting, which is typically how I like to spend my Saturday. I have a couple of projects underway and some ideas for new ones; it may all have to wait until tomorrow.

This is me living the life in Niskayuna, NY.  I love owning my own home but let me tell ya – people don’t lie when they say there’s always something to do. I kinda like that about it though. It feeds my desire to keep busy AND – BONUS – it’s distracting me from the candy and cookies downstairs. It’s day #2 of my sugar detox and, if I’m completely honest, I did have a couple bites of a decadent brownie at the Blue Ribbon this morning for breakfast. It’s a place known for it’s baking and the brownie was too beautiful to pass up ~ sitting there in the glass case ~ looking all deliciously mean and good! While tasty, it is very rich and I’m saving the rest for the kids ~ they’ll eat anything loaded with sugar.

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