Detoxing from sugar – starting today!

I’ve been on a slippery slope since Thanksgiving when it comes to my eating habits. I mean, who can resist the pies, freshly made cookies, and that extra glass of wine? Let’s not even talk about all the treats that have been in my office’s kitchen…

I couldn’t resist it all and here I am, right after Christmas, knowing that I have gotten my body used to way more sugar than it needs. It’s time to “detox” and get it out of my life.  I’ve been feeling so sluggish the past several weeks and it’s a signal of too much added sugar in my diet. Since my body is where I live all the time, it’s important to take care of it and not let this sugar addiction become a forever thing.

I’m also almost a month into my new gym membership at Best Fitness. I’ve taken a variety of classes to see what I like and I’ve settled on:

  • Cycling Fusion – Cardio with no one pushing me is dull and this class incorporates TRX straps. I’m not sitting in a seat for a full hour – the class is broken up into 6 minute segments.
  • Hot Yoga – Maintaining and increasing my flexibility and range of motion is very important to me. I also really like the quiet time; I can’t think of anything else in this class but my breathing and how my body feels during the different poses.
  • BodyPump – Left to my own devices, I opt to lift heavy a few times and move on. This class pushes me to increase my endurance because we lift relatively light/moderate weights numerous times, causing muscle fatigue. It is a change of pace for me to lift this way and a change of pace every once in a while is good!
  • BodyCombat – Kickboxing without the bags. This class I’ve done only once, but I burned over 200 calories in 30 minutes. I feel really silly punching and kicking without a bag, having done that for so many years, but cardio is cardio.

So back to the sugar detox ~ I decided to start it today as, from what I’ve read, the first three days are the hardest. I’m expecting to feel hungry (even if I’m really not), tired, headachy, and extra cranky. The weekend is a perfect time to iron all that shit out so I’m not exposing my co-workers and clients to it.

I’m really looking forward to getting these first few days over with and getting back on the right track. I remember what it was like last year giving up caffeine (which I maintained for 3 months) ~ it was a fucking nightmare. Totally worth it though because I slept amazing and realized that much of my anxiety stemmed from being over-caffeinated. I saw such a drastic reduction in my stress levels. While I drink caffeine now, it is very minimal and I don’t think it adds any anxiety or sleeplessness to my life. I wouldn’t have known that though, had I not have gone caffeine-free. I really hope that cutting out the added sugar in my life helps my energy levels increase, along with the vitamin D supplements I started taking a few days ago.


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