Find the beauty

Sometimes I order a box of random vintage jewelry bits online. The last batch I ordered was around $20, including shipping, and I got some amazing stuff! I was surprised that much of it was wearable, as I was only buying it for crafting purposes.


I like to do this type of stuff with them, because I think vintage jewelry wine bottles are the shit. This set is in my office and I like looking at them because I remember being so freakin’ excited receiving the jewelry lot in the mail and spreading it out on my coffee table. I matched things up by color and decided that since I had these bottles already sprayed for another project, I’d deviate from that project and make something else.

I have never really been into any color or item you would consider “delicate”, but as I get older, I’m enjoying softer colors much more. I also love the idea of making something beautiful out of things that nobody wants anymore. It’s kind of like your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend – they’re in your past for a reason but perhaps to someone else they are amazing and wonderful; worth holding on to.

And now a shameless plug to my Etsy shop, because it fits: Weird Glass Art Studio. Making the boring glassware that you have been hoarding under your kitchen sink into something unique. Trash to treasures.

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