Just like that – I am back on Etsy.

You will notice on the right hand corner of my blog page, there’s now an “E” icon that will take you right on over to my Etsy shop!

It’s a very soft relaunch of my Etsy efforts; one that is more focused on glassware as opposed to anything and everything.


I think my last Etsy effort was a bit too all over the place. Between Theresa and I, we made such a large variety of items that I even felt overwhelmed looking at my page. We were not experts at any one thing; we made whatever we felt like, using whatever materials we had.

This glassware effort is just my own project and the updates to the shop will largely depend on my time, materials available, and creativity. I’m not always creative – everything I do in my life comes in waves. Whether I’m super into hiking, bike riding, reading a book, blogging or crafting ~ I ride the wave until it’s time to shift my focus toward something else for the time being. I always circle back around at some point. My life path is not linear – it’s (hopefully) a long-ass scribble with some overlaps.





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