Doing Dishes v. Playing Ball

It’s easy to get wrapped up in responsibilities and forget to play. This morning, instead of doing the mountain of dishes*, I got out Adam’s beloved tennis ball.

Obviously, I made the best choice ever. I mean, look at the happiness on his face!


Adam is late to the game of fetch ~ when I got him, I was distraught over the loss of my pug, FeeBee, that he and I didn’t really play with each other. We snuggled, went for lots of walks, ate lots of good food together…we just didn’t actually play.

He’s a fast study though; being a Border Collie/Labrador mix, he’s insanely smart. Adam doesn’t exactly bring the ball back to me “nicely”, he kind of flings it at me like it’s my turn to fetch it. We’re working on it.


My spirits were instantly lifted from the serious, I’m-mentally-checking-things-off-my-to-do-list mood that I think most adults find themselves in. Sometimes we have to consciously flip that switch from work to play, even if there is work to be done. As a co-worker, Beth, said to me this morning: There will always be dishes, but not always a dog. Having already lost one, this is something I know to be too-true.

But…when Adam knows I have to leave for work, it’s time to sulk.


Don’t you just feel so sad for him? This is how he gets every morning, Monday through Friday. While it has been an ultimate dream to work from home someday, I don’t know if it’s in the cards.

*I mean, who cares about the dishes anyway. By the time I get home from work tonight my new dishwasher will have arrived and been installed. Let the machinery do the hard work!

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