‘Bye Feli…Facebook!

A few days ago I deactivated my Facebook account. I deactivated it because I didn’t want to lose Messenger ~ plus, I’m not 100% sure I will be off of Facebook forever. I completely deleted my last account when I changed careers and I wish now I had simply deactivated it; I had a lot of photos on there that I should have been more careful saving.

Live and learn.

I decided to deactivate it for a week, out of frustration, for a few reasons:

The amount of posts simply being shared, as opposed to real updates to people’s lives. I remember the days of Facebook where people wrote statuses about their days – longer than a Twitter post but shorter than a blog. I feel most of the content is just compulsively regurgitated. It just feels like a loss of connection.

If I post a picture of something that I made; something I’m proud of, nobody cares. If I post something fitness or food-related, everyone’s all over it because that’s all everyone talks about now. Self-betterment, fitness goals, their oh-so-amazing lunch salad complete with 1,000 pictures. #Goals #GoalDigger #EatClean #FitLyfe4LyfeForgetCheeseburgers4Evr

Also, the holiday season feels too busy to be mindlessly scrolling during what should be a mental break. If I need a break, why not read a book? Write a blog? Pet my dog?


I mean, he’s a great boy – he deserves all the pets.

I’m not throwing shade at people who are on their journeys to becoming a better them. I do enjoy some fitness posts and I follow some fitness peeps on Instagram because it’s inspiring to me and I like to see people succeed. But I know that my life is so much more than just ONE thing and it feels frustrating to be seen as just ONE thing. To feel a bit pigeon-holed in what I may share on social media that resonates with someone. I’m more than just fitness, more than just crafts, more than just pictures of my adorable dog. I like awkward, difficult conversations about topics that are close to the heart. I like analyzing reactions to situations so I can learn more about myself and those around me. I love to write. I love art. I love choreographed dance routines and cheerleading competitions. I love seeing mountains in the distance because it reminds me of my hometown. I love going to my hometown, although I don’t make it there often. I love feeling nostalgic about things; I love 90’s fashion, vintage jewelry, and second-hand clothing. I’m fascinated with tiny-houses and minimalist lifestyles. I love the idea of making the least amount of an environmental impact as possible. I think the sound of the Battenkill River flowing over the rocks is amazing and the quiet at my friend’s camp on Ragged Lake is like nothing I’ve ever heard before ~ I wish I could bottle it and take it with me.

And nobody cares but me. Facebook has become less about connecting and more about self-advertisement. No thank you. Count me out for the near future so that I can work on forging authentic connections with those around me in real life.


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