‘Tis the most stressful time of the year.

I just had a conversation with another paralegal in my office, Jen, that evolved into some insights into the holiday season, the stress it causes us, and perhaps some of the cause of my own personal stress and anxiety.


As soon as snow hits…I am ALL about Christmas. Even if it’s before Thanksgiving – my mind begins turning. Worse so, when I begin seeing social media posts about how many Fridays there are until Christmas. Up goes the anxiety.

I want to say that I’m all peace, love, and fresh-baked cookies around the holidays, but I am not. I get excited to put up a Christmas tree only to be immediately reminded that the needles fall and it has to be watered frequently, not to mention all of the holiday decorations have to come out in boxes and totes to live in my living room for an unknown period of time.

Clutter makes me crazy. I had a mini breakdown about it last night – I just cannot think straight, relax, or feel like I can even breathe freely if there is too much clutter around me. The idea of all the Christmas wrappings strewn over the floor on Christmas day makes me twitchy, despite knowing it’s just one day – one magical day.

When you have kids, the holiday feels like it needs to be hyped up and made super special for them. Letters to Santa, decorating the house, Christmas crafts, circling toys and creating wish-lists…are parents putting too much pressure on themselves?

The holiday season also makes me reflect on what I’ve accomplished during the year and if I am where I want to be – where I should be. What do I want to get done next year? How can I make it happen?

It’s just the end of the year ~ 2018 is winding down. It’s frigid in Upstate New York and we’ve had more rain and dark skies this season than I think we ever have. Perhaps that’s why it feels like my depression medicine isn’t working lately. I could use more outdoor time – time in the sun (even if it’s cold). Likely we all could.

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